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Lamothe-Abiet, one of the world leaders in quality oenological products, has been working and investing for the last 10 years in oak for winemaking. The result is the Œnobois® which offers a wide range of products adapted to the needs of winemakers who wish to preserve the terroir and profile of their wine. Pioneers in wood-wine interactions, Œnobois® places equal importance on the accuracy of the aromatic profile as on the kinetics of its exchanges with the wine: the two key factors for the profile obtained.


Œnobois ® relies upon the overlapping knowledge fields of winemakers, wood engineers and aromaticians in order to design its products and to ensure its consistent quality.

Safety: a rigorous control of contaminants and microorganisms ensures the quality of each batch produced.

Reproducibility: aromatic and organoleptic tests carried out by specialists ensure the stability and the consistency of the chosen aromatic profiles.

Strict Traceability: the quality of the supply chain relies on the knowledge of the wood engineers and on an individual identification of the batches. Each oak that enters into the composition of a batch is followed from its origin in the forest.

Our HACCP and ISO 22000 certifications assure this process of monitoring and continual improvement of quality.

Our know how

The oak: Knowledge and Selection The evaluation of the potential of the oak is a key parameter in its selection. It is the major factor which determines the quality of the final product: “sweetness”, tannins and aromatics…

Œnobois® chooses its oak according to its “terroir” (species, geographical origin). Our experts in charge of this selection, engineers and oenologists, also make sure of the quality of the natural air drying process for 24 months. Thus the natural qualities of the oak are preserved and its initial potential may be expressed.

Toasting: the unveiling of aroma Toasting is a complex process which significantly modifies the structure of the wood. Our expertise in the oak potential guides the precision of the toasting in order to guarantee a fine control of the process. Each toasting is fine-tuned for a given selection and type of product in order to reveal the typicity of the wood and to preserve the accuracy of the aromatic profile.

Discover our range…

Œnoblend® Chic, Fun & Pure

A blend of Styles

Œnobois® Stick & Mini Stick

The reference

Stick Inside

Boost your Barrel!

Œnobois® Oak Inside

A ball for your barrel!

Granular FR & US

For a full fermentation


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